Tanzanite kwa Uchumi Imara wa Mwanamke

“Tanzanite kwa Uchumi Imara wa Mwanamke” Project

This is a one-year (December 2022 to September 2023) project that aims at revitalization, resuming, and reviving ordinary women’s economic activities surrounding the Mirerani mining area, restoration of smooth and dignitary business environment for women, reduction of women and girl violence through legal aid provision, legal education, training, dialoguing and provision of legal referrals.


The project’s overall objective is to contribute to a sustainable, inclusive, and equitable business environment for women small entrepreneurs in three wards surrounding the Mirerani Tanzanite mining area.


The primary targets are women and girls who were engaging in their businesses (women entrepreneurs) around the mining area before the erection of the Magufuli 24.5 kilometers wall, Government officials, management of the wall from the Ministry of Minerals, Local government officials, and key stakeholders i.e. Tanzania mine business companies, TRA, Mirerani Association of transporters, Paralegals and other legal aid providers.

The project is implemented in three wards namely Naisinyai, Endiamtu, and Mirereani in Simanjiro district, Manyara Region

One of the Women’s economic empowerment sessions in the Mirerani area – Simanjiro