CSP is having an accountable and responsible structure which sets out the organizational governance and management structures and clear roles and responsibilities of each organ within the structure. General meeting which compose of all members is the highest decision-making organ of the organization and held once a year, and anytime whenever needs arise. Board of directors who serves the organization for 3 years, is the second organ in accountability hierarchical. This is composed of non-members, professionals and experienced people with various professions as related to various organization development components who are recommended by management and adopted by members during AGM.

Management which is headed by the Executive Director is the third organ which is made up of all heads of departments in which all important execution of all organization plans are based in. This organ is also responsible in implementing all board decisions. The management is responsible to supervises all other staff and results underneath.

Therefore, CSP have following office bearers who are officially responsible and accountable to board of directors and AGM in one hand while on the other hand are supervisors to the management.

  1. Chairperson
  2. Vice Chairperson
  3. Treasurer and
  4. Executive Director

CSP is working to contribute to the following Key Focus areas.

Key Focus Area


Specific area


SDG contribution

Goal No


Specific Goal


1.  Human Right Legal Aid and Education 16 Promote just, peaceful and inclusive Societies.
Gender based Violence 5 Achieve gender equality and Empower women and girls
2.  Livelihood Agriculture 2 End hunger, achieve food security and Improved nutrition and promote Sustainable agriculture
Health 3 Ensure healthy lives and promote Well-being for all at all ages
Economic Empowerment 8 Promote inclusive and sustainable Economic growth, employment and Decent work for all.
3.  Advocacy Agriculture
Economic Empowerment
4. Organizational Development Governance Management