CSP is having an accountable and responsible structure which sets out the organizational governance and management structures and clear roles and responsibilities of each organ within the structure. General meeting which compose of all members is the highest decision-making organ of the organization and held once a year, and anytime whenever needs arise. Board of directors who serves the organization for 3 years, is the second organ in accountability hierarchical. This is composed of non-members, professionals and experienced people with various professions as related to various organization development components who are recommended by management and adopted by members during AGM.

Management which is headed by the Executive Director is the third organ which is made up of all heads of departments in which all important execution of all organization plans are based in. This organ is also responsible in implementing all board decisions. The management is responsible to supervises all other staff and results underneath.

Therefore, CSP have following office bearers who are officially responsible and accountable to board of directors and AGM in one hand while on the other hand are supervisors to the management.

  1. Chairperson
  2. Vice Chairperson
  3. Treasurer and
  4. Executive Director



CSP board of directors is made up of 7 individuals selected from different parts of Tanzania with different skills, experience and capacities in different organizational areas, who were elected on the basis of their competencies and experiences. Generally, all board members are graduates in different areas of expertise. Three of the board members possess an extensive experience in Organizational development as they have been head of organizations for more that 7 years who are majoring in governance, project planning and management and financial management. Two out of three have vast experience in policy advocacy in the areas of natural resources management.

One of the board members is an experienced and certified public accounts auditor who also works with an NGO and additionally posses the auditing firm in Arusha who assists the organization in the areas of proper financial management. Another board member is a public notary advocate with an experience of more than 5 years working independently as a public notary representing clients to court and taking oaths on behalf of the public. Of the remaining members one is the nurse who is working as a risk management supervisor and specialist in the referral hospital which is managed by Norwegian Church Aid and run jointly in partnership by the Government. She has been very instrumental when it comes to a point of identifying the organizational risks and their management and the last members is a teacher with experience in working for donor funded development projects which are managed by the Government of Tanzania.

No Name Title Organisation Region Phone No Email
1 Jackson Muro Chairperson CEDECOTA ARUSHA 0754548180
2 Asia Lembariti Vice Chairperson WEZESHA Dodoma 0686810091
3 Nemence Iriya Secretary CSP Manyara 0767010246 / 0653606087>
4 John Kitaly Member UWAWA Manyara 0785457755
5 Zacharia Faustin Member TNRF Arusha 0652468219
6 Peter Robert Member AUDITOR-AE CONSULT Arusha 0754318211
7 Martha Slawe Member MBESO Manyara 0757012153
8 Erick Machua Member ADVOCATE Manyara 0784534226 / 0769390000

CSP Membership

Types of members

Membership to the organization shall be open and free to any Tanzanian of majority age.

There shall be three types of members; Founding members, Ordinary members and honorary members categorized as follows.

Founding members: These are members who subscribed to the initial stages of the founding of an organization.

Ordinary members: These are members who join the organization according to prescribed procedures of an organization. All those join to the organization after registration will fall in this category of membership

Honorary member: These are members that made an extra ordinary assistance or extend special support to the organization towards achieving its core aims. 

Currently CSP has 16 individual members (founding members) who was drawn from different parts of Tanzania. Members were accepted as per the conditions and criteria drawn in the membership section of the CSP constitution

Membership Rights and Obligations

a) Be represented by not more than one (1) individual persons in the general Meeting.

b) Vote in any decision save for honorary members

c) Be elected in any leadership position except for honorary members who are also excluded from paying annual subscription fee,

d) Share and present its views and wishes,

e) Access on request all information, facilities and other legal documents regarding to organization activities,

f) Request an extra – ordinary meeting in case of any burning or genuine matter to be discussed or addressed in such meeting,

g) Uphold the Constitution and rules of organization

h) Endeavor to participate in all activities of the organization,

i) Defend and abide with organizational mission and vision and

j) Pay fees and subscriptions as may be determined by the board of directors save for honorary members.