LSF Project

About LSF

This is a project that aims at strengthening capacity and sustainability of paralegal units in Manyara region. It started at the end of 2016 onwards; that is to say the project will last for four years. As the title of the project reflects, the project has been delegated to MACSNET as RMO by LSF (donor) the reason being to facilitate paralegal units in the region so that at the end of the project the units can be capable to stand by themselves in the region. The project has two main aims i.e. provision of legal aid in the community and legal education.

The project had developed a log frame and work plans that indicate how activities will be implemented for the period being. This means that the project is implemented by supporting paralegals to put into service legal services in the community.

The project targets the community especially the marginalized people in the society by providing them with free legal service. This has come into operation through several activities already implemented by the project.

Up to date, the project has managed to carry some of its activities according to the work plan as: Inception meeting at district level to make stakeholders and government leaders recognize the project whereby it was launched by DCs from each district; community sensitization meetings at ward level, this aimed at making the community aware of the existence of paralegals and their services; supporting organization units to establish or re-establish organization leadership structure, to support paralegal centers to have legal registration, provision of grants to paralegal organizations, to conduct quarterly stakeholder learning meetings in every district etc. Apart from these activities, there are some training that have been carried by MACSNET.