About us

Civic Social Protection Foundation (CSP) is an individual membership organization drawn from different parts of Tanzania who has joined their efforts to fight for equity and equality among all citizens of Tanzania regardless of their social and economic status. The organization was established and adopted and being in fully operational in early 2007 as Manyara Region Civil Society Organizations (MACSNET) after which in 2019 amended the name to CSP to reflect amendments made to the NGO act in the same year 2019.

Statement of purpose

Vision: CSP envisions “A Community which enjoys their rights and social well-being in Tanzania”

Mission: Organization aspires to attain its vision through “preventing, managing, and overcoming situations that adversely affect people’s wellbeing in Tanzania”.

Aims and Objectives of CSP

An organization shall have the following aims and objective;

  1. a) To undertake initiatives that promote citizens health and well-being for all ages particularly women, youth, children and elderly.
  2. b) To promote youth and women in undertaking sustainable growth through creation of opportunities for self-employment.
  3. c) To empower Youth, Women, elderly and community members in general to progressively realize their social and economic rights.
  4. d) To advocate and lobby for National Policy Processes to effectively positively influence the lives of youth, women, children and elderly.
  5. e) To support women and youth to promote sustainable agriculture in order to achieve food security, improve nutrition and end hunger.
  6. f) To empower women, children and girls to take decisions and actions which will protect their well-being in order to achieve gender equality and equity?
  7. g) To support and enhance community members to engage into consultation and dialogue with local and elected leaders from local to national level.
  8. h) To empower community to take lead in the protection of youth, children, women and elderly rights towards enhancing their well-being.

Core values: In delivering our mission, we will be guided by the following principles:

Value Description
Teamwork We shall embrace teamwork in delivering our core mandate
Transparency We uphold transparency and openness in our work
Integrity We shall demonstrate good stewardship of resources
Commitment We shall ask our staff and members to be highly committed on their roles




Professionalism We shall ensure professionalism in delivering our mandate
Flexibility We shall remain adaptive to changing needs of stakeholders and communities