Duration:   October-2022 to October-2023

Project Background

The “Tanzanite kwa Uchumi Imara wa Mwanamke” is a one-year initiative , funded by the Legal Services Facility (LSF). The project implementation is carried pout  in three wards (Mirerani, Endiamtu, and Naisinyai) located in Simanjiro district of the Manyara region. The overall goal of the project is to revitalize, resume, and revive small women entrepreneurial economic activities surrounding the Mirerani mining area. The project came as a response to the construction of the 24.5km Magufuli wall around the tanzanite mining areas. The key result areas of the intervention were as follow:

The first area focused on attaining the participation of 50 stakeholders to influence the accessibility and convenience of social infrastructure for women in mining areas. The second area aimed at reducing gender-based violence acts related to unconducive business environments through access to legal services for 200 women and the third result area aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of 200 women entrepreneurs in small businesses in the three wards of Mirerani district.

Women entrepreneurs in Mirerani mining areas who have been empowered by “Tanzanite kwa uchumi imara wa manamke” project being receiving sand from the tanzanite mining operators for further processing/sieve to get the remaining of tanzanite minerals.

During the project implementation, the Civic Social Protection Foundation (CSP) employed various approaches to ensure meaningful community ownership of the intervention for the project’s sustainability. Then approaches includes engaging community paralegals, women groups and networks in the mining sector that were WIMO, MAREMA and the Haki Madini organization, The Government officials from the Ministry of Minerals represented by the Resident Mines Officer (RMO), the responsible security officers from TPDF and Police forces, the Local government officials, the District Commissioner, and rural road agency (TARURA) as they were the key stakeholders in the project implementation.

To facilitate availability of legal aid services, the Legal aid sub office was established in Mirerani area to address the Gender Based Violence against women and girl child actions around Mirerani mining. The legal aid services will be provided by paralegals located in Mirerani mining area.