ASILI-B programme

The Civic Social Protection Foundation (CSP) under the funding from Vi agroforestry is implementing ASILI-B programme, where specifically CSP is supporting the component of Advocacy as a technical partner. Through that, CSP as a Technical Partner (TP) is currently facilitating the formation and empowerment of the district Farmers’ Forum in the project implementation area in Kagera and mara regions. From 14th to 16th September 2023, CSP technical staff was facilitating the formation and capacity building of the Farmers Forum in Karagwe DC, in Kagera region. The forum brought together small farmers, CSO’s, private sector and other agricultural stakeholders from Karagwe where they were capacitated on important strategies and steps in conducting advocacy to support small holder farmers agricultural practices, food security, climate change, adaptation and mitigation as their main responsibility.

During the courtesy call conducted by CSP to Karagwe District Commissioner on 15th September 2023, he commented that it’s a good initiative as we don’t have small farmers’ forum in Karagwe District where small holder farmers can use to voice challenges and gaps associated with policies, laws and strategies which hinders small holder farmers production. The forum will be monitored and supported by District Agriculture officer with the collaboration of Smart Farmers’ Transformation organization who are the core partners of the ASILB-B Programme in Karagwe district.

The First photo above/below portrays the selected Forum leaders – chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary and treasurer while the second photo indicates presentation of role and responsibilities of district farmers forum.